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Textured Granites for a
Lifetime of Luxury

Choose from 200+ stone varieties with 100+ finishes to adorn your space for generations to come.

Reimagine your Living Spaces

    What sets us apart?

    Available in 10mm ultra-thin slabs

    Unbelievably lightweight & glows 50% more when backlit

    Extremely durable

    Since Granites are naturally extremely hard & non-reactive, their beauty is everlasting


    A smooth surface that prevents growth of bacteria, allergens & mildew

    Heat-proof & Weather-resistant

    Ideal for use in exterior facades and countertops

    Water-proof and non-porous

    Don’t worry about spills and splashes

    Impact-resistant, Scratch & Stain-proof

    Shines even in busy spaces with high traffic


    Which granite is best for interior home design?

    Depending upon your taste, you can choose from a vast range of granites. Ninety Degree Stone offers freckled, sun-kissed brown and beige granites, ruby red granite slabs and vibrant multi-hued granites collection, perfect to adorn your home’s interior design.

    How to select granite for flooring?

    Choose the colour, surface finish and thickness of the slabs you require based on the area of application and overall colour palette. For living room granite flooring, you can choose from the classic polished collection while for the kitchen flooring and bathroom flooring, you should opt for matte finished granite.

    Are 10mm ultra-thin slabs difficult to maintain?

    No, 10mm ultra-thin stone slabs at Ninety Degree Stone don’t require any buffing, polishing or deep cleaning. They are naturally hypoallergenic surfaces and only need the occasional dusting to restore its original beauty.

    Is granite resistant to heat and extreme cold?

    Granite does not fade or crack even with heavy traffic, rough use, high moisture and in sunlight, which makes it the perfect stone even for application outdoors.

    About Ninety Degree Stone

    Ever since its inception in 1989. Ninety Degree Stone is a niche division, specializing in natural stones sourced from quarries around the world. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, proficient craftsmanship, in-house procurement and highly evolved design sense, we are ready to transform spaces into an immersive experience.

    Our vision is to provide stones that are not only an aesthetic delight but also have the strength to withstand the tests of architecture. We’re catering to multiple national and international clients with our vast and exclusive collection ranging from imported marble to several forms of granite, quartzite, phyllite, etc.


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