Granite in kitchen

Your kitchen is the anchor of your home. It’s where your family comes together for shared moments of joy, hearty meals and hundreds of conversations with your loved ones. And the immortal beauty of granite is a celebration of those mundane and memorable moments.

But which piece of granite is perfect for your home? Which granite will shine in your kitchen for decades, an evergreen slab that looks just as beautiful even as your kitchen evolves with advanced technology?

Ninety Degree Stone offers a vast array of granites for kitchen – exquisite, durable and eternally beautiful.

Granite in kitchen: Granite countertop & kitchen island, granite flooring; Ninety Degree StoneHere are some ways to jazz up your kitchen with granite:

How to use granite in kitchen?

Granite Countertop

Granite countertops are popular worldwide due to their durability and eternal beauty. But they have a reputation for blending into the background. How do you make them stand out? How do you award them a character redefining what that space means to you?

Exquisite granite countertops by Ninety Degree Stone with innovative surface finishes from our Luxury and Amani Collections are best admired as granite kitchen countertops.

Granite countertop & granite backsplash: use granite in kitchenGranite Backsplash

While the flooring, countertops and islands steal spotlights, the humble backsplash seems neglected in any average kitchen design. Making the most of it, adorning your kitchen with a granite backsplash adds shimmer to your shining kitchen. Herringbone and Amani Strips from our Design Collection

Granite Kitchen Island

More often than not, we are focused on the latest model of appliances, the plumbing and the cabinets so much that we neglect the aesthetics until the very end. Granite for the kitchen is a decision you should make right at the beginning of your construction.

Granite Door Panels

An innovation by Ninety Degree Stone, the doors and cabinets of your home can be as unique as you can imagine. Granite door panels are light, beautiful and resistant to heat, scratches, water and dust. In other words, they are everlasting and beautiful. You can also opt for backlit granite door panels, which add a surreal charm to your interiors.

Granite flooring & wall claddingGranite Flooring

Granite flooring in the kitchen is a standard, especially due to the high traffic, frequent spills and movement of heavy appliances. But does it have to be boring? Not at all! You can choose from a vast array of exciting colours and sensational patterns at Ninety Degree Stone.

How do you plan to adorn your kitchen with granite?

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Granite kitchen island

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