Ninety Degree Stone is a unit of the world-renowned, R.K. Group, which has been a stalwart in marbles and granite ever since its inception in 1989. Ninety Degree Stone is a niche division, specializing in natural stones allocated from mines around the world. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, proficient craftsmanship, in-house procurement and highly evolved design sense, we are ready to transform spaces into an immersive experience.

Our vision is to provide stones that are not only an aesthetic delight but also have the strength to withstand the tests of architecture. We’re catering to multiple national and international clients with our vast and exclusive collection ranging from imported marbles to several forms of granite, quartzite, sandstone, slatestone, etc. Come visit our factory, where so much happens every day. Create your own catalogue and join us as we celebrate luxury and nature.


Secret recipe of our Supremacy!

We’re enchanted by the earth’s raw charm and find ourselves basking in the treasure of perfect imperfections every natural stone offers.

Preserving the essence of nature, we toil every step of the way so the quality never diminishes and the authenticity never dies.

Our final goal stays unsmudged i.e. to provide seamless finish and polish to every stone and marble.

The third wheel to our vision and mission, unprecedented technological innovation is the rider between our target and us.

When the best processes meet the best technology a cajoling transformation is bound to take place. We extract and curate designs that last for a  lifetime and keeps the natural charm intact.

The novelty of our textures lie in them being more than about touch and feel of the product. It’s a 4-pillar game of classic thought, modern design, practicality and versatility.

As sturdy as the stone, yet opposite in opacity, the people and processes at
Ninety Degree Stone are as clear and transparent as a crystal.

Stones and marbles make it to home forever, they’re almost its definition. While our designs are contemporary they are quintessentially timeless in elegance and style.

It’s not just about building homes and buildings. It’s more about building trust in you and for your spaces. And that’s how we become a legacy together.

The Team

Our team knows the land, the language and the stone. What stands behind Ninety Degree Stone is a team of veterans whose eyes for precision illuminate the way ahead.



A man with a vision, Mr. Vineet Patni founded and nurtured Ninety Degree Stone to redefine stone. The eldest of the 3rd generation of the illustrious Patni Family of the RK Marble Group, the Gold Standard of this Industry, he cultivated an exceptionally intricate knowledge of the natural stone industry. After completing his schooling at Mayo College, Ajmer, he graduated in Economics and Management from the University of Wales, Cardiff Business School. He gained professional corporate work experience for the next 2.5 years, sharpening his skills as an innovator. His penchant for technology and innovation amalgamated with his intricate knowledge of the natural stone industry has propelled Ninety Degree Stone which is the only company in the world producing only 6mm thick granite and marble slabs for a world of lightweight applications. The finesse of finishes on the stone are but a glimpse into his grand vision for luxuriant living spaces by Ninety Degree Stone.



The backbone of Ninety Degree Stone, Director Mr. Vinay Gangwal is the man behind our building blocks. With his experience of more than 20 years in the natural stone domain, he has been illuminating the next steps of Ninety Degree Stone. His wisdom, persistent hard-work, sincerity & integrity, expertise & confidence are a source of inspiration for every member of the team, and beyond. His expert eyes find rare stones and see the potential in blocks that are procured – and this is what helps us offer the very best and most exclusive slabs to our valued clientele. His faith and vision has shaped the present and future of Ninety Degree Stone.

Ronak Jain

Director of Sales & Marketing

With a decade of experience in business development and sheer hard work, Mr. Ronak Jain has fuelled the growth of Ninety Degree Stone in India and abroad. A people-person and a man of many talents, his communication skills, unique perspective, courage to face every challenge head-on and drive to improve everyday inspire the team. As the Director of Sales and Marketing, he is playing a key role in identifying new business opportunities and propelling the brand to new horizons.

Corporate Media

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