Backlit quartzite in interior design trends

Elevate your home’s ambience and transform it into a haven for the senses with backlit quartzite. Interior designers are picking up translucent slabs to add a splash of mystic luminosity to any space. How has the role of backlit stones evolved over the years? How do backlit natural stones influence interior design trends? Read on to find out.

Adding a touch of nature's finesse to the luxurious living room, the backlit quartzite slabs are attractive in their own right. Backlit Stones in Interior Design Trends: Ninety Degree Stone


Onyx Slabs comprise a large number of crystals, making them up to 90% translucent. They let light pass through easily, painting your home in bold strokes of myriad hues. However, they are not as dense or hard as marble, making them delicate, prone to cracks and difficult to care for.

Onyx slabs are porous, silica-based natural stones which absorbs almost any liquid split on the surface. It also makes it difficult to clean them with chemicals. This is why they are not ideal as countertops, in cocktail lounges and reception areas.

Quartzite are proving to be more practical than onyx slabs for use in countertops, cocktail lounges, etc. Featured image shows a reception countertop and focus wall decked with backlit quartzite. Ninety Degree Stone.


Quartzite is a category of granite with more crystal pockets peppered through the dense, hard and vibrant stone. Just as granites, quartzites are available in standard 20mm thickness at Ninety Degree Stone. Showcasing a rainbow spectrum of colours, the quartzite slabs are particularly used as countertops, highlighters and focus wall cladding.

A luxurious villa adorned with backlit quartzite exterior facade. The stone lends a warm golden touch to the home while elevating the lavishness. Backlit Stones in Interior Design Trends: Ninety Degree StoneWhen backlit, quartzite slabs show light through crystal pockets while the mineral-rich areas remain opaque, highlighting unique natural patterns. They are natural masterpieces that elevate any space to a blissful escape from the mundane.

A space as personal as the shower and powder rooms can be adorned with backlit stones like quartzite as a treat to the senses. Backlit Stone in Interior Design Trends: Ninety Degree Stone.

10mm Quartzite

An innovation by Ninety Degree Stone, the 10mm thin quartzite slabs pass through more light than their 20mm thick counterpart, making them a desirable piece of natural art adorning your walls. They are not as suitable for table-tops and countertops but make for excellent focus wall cladding in living rooms, bedrooms, and lounges.

A luxurious bedroom with a highlight backlit quartzite on the wall. Backlit stones in Interior Design Trends: Ninety Degree Stone.Luxuriant homes are completed with trend-setting visuals radiating a divine glow.

Adorn your home with in-vogue backlit stones from Ninety Degree Stone.

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